About Us

We Love Wealth-Generating Property

We Specialize in High-Yield Property. Australian property is an extremely lucrative investment market if you know where and what to buy, and can navigate finance requirements. We are here to make that easy.

Our team has been investing in property for over 30+ years. We know what makes a great property investment and how best to buy a property. 

We provide buyers' advocacy and property consultancy for Australian Property. We help you to make the most important purchase less stressful, more affordable, and most importantly investment grade. We do not recommend a property that we would not buy ourselves and often get properties at a discount.

Here are the main benefits of working with us;

  • We take the hassle out of searching, looking, visiting, and dealing with sellers, agents, and developers. Get back your time.

  • You get better prices that are not available to the retail market

  • You can be positively geared from day one 

  • Most importantly - security in knowing you are buying a great property

Avoiding pitfalls and maximizing yield, is the key to building a lucrative investment portfolio. We find the right projects for your circumstances and plans. Let us help you buy something amazing.

Winston Hammill – Principal


What We Do

Property Advocacy and Advice

  • Best advice from seasoned professionals - we only work with the best property agents, financiers, builders, and developers in Australia.

  • Access to exclusive residential property at commercial rates with pre-locked in value.

  • Purchase property using purchasing strategies designed to close deals

  • Knowledge of where, what, and how best to buy, based on your financial profile and investment appetite.

  • Turn-key solution - we connect all the dots from sourcing the right project to financing to negotiation to conveyancing to getting your property rented and well looked after.

  • Legal and tax-efficient local company structure to maximise profit.

High Yield Property

  • High-income property

  • Multiple Strategies available

  • Up to 14% rental yield

  • Instant return on investment

  • Completely positively geared for early paydown or income use

  • Low to Medium Capital gain projections

Syndicate Developer Deals

  • High capital gain

  • Min $150K deposit required

  • Minimum 40% Capital growth on project appraisal + additional market growth by completion

  • Exit at point of completion 18-24 months (project-specific)

  • Options to hold or sell

New Developments - House and Land Packages

  • Buy and hold typically for min 3 years for best results

  • Access early-stage development projects for Automatic mechanical uplift

  • Average 15% Capital gain + rental income

  • Suitable for foreign investors requiring FIRB approval.

  • Min $50K AUD deposit required.

  • We provide sue dilligence on builders with good stability, build quality, and inclusions.

Small Development Projects

  • Min $150K Investment

  • 25-40% Capital growth built-in the project start + capital growth with the market.

  • Sole ownership of project assests

  • Flexible project funding options

  • Options to part sell and hold to release capital on completion